Taguspark is the biggest and the first of the Portuguese Science and Technology Parks and our project is based on the following main features:


  • A Strategic Triangle -  Leveraging synergies between Universities, R&D Institutions and technology-based Companies. Taguspark has a privileged access - via its Taguspark campus - to the most prestigious Portuguese Faculty of Engineering, IST;


  • Environmental Quality - Low construction rate, large green areas and the guarantee of the exclusive settling of non-polluting entities;


  • Excellent Surroundings - Located in Oeiras, just a few minutes from downtown Lisbon, Taguspark’s surrounding area have unique conditions regarding quality of life, prestigious urban areas, good accessibility networks and services, making it a prime area for living and working;


  • Services - Companies headquartered in Taguspark have access to a Congress Center in addition to a health club, restaurants, bank agency, pharmacy, rent a car, car wash, schools and clinics, among others.


Taguspark also has a tech-based Business Incubator since 1995 so we have a long commitment to innovation and start-ups.


We are mainly interested in two  project areas:


  1. To help startups from other locations to come to Europe by installing their operation or part of the operation in our Science and Technology Park. Find other locations in other markets where resident companies and startups from Taguspark can expand their business which includes China and Portuguese speaking countries.;


  1. Helping other locations to develop Science and Technology Parks and/or  Business Incubators based on our experience and knowledge of over 25 years. 



戰略三角 - 利用大學,研發機構和技術型公司之間的協同效應。 Taguspark可以通過其Taguspark校園進入最負盛名的葡萄牙工程學院,IST;


‧環境質量 - 低建築率,大面積綠地以及保證無污染實體獨家安置;


‧優越的環境 - 位於Oeiras,距離里斯本市中心僅幾分鐘路程,Taguspark周邊地區擁有獨特的高品質生活條件,享有盛名的城市區域,良好的交通網絡和服務,使其成為生活和工作的主要區域;


‧服務 - 除了健康俱樂部,餐館,銀行代理,藥房,租車,洗車,學校和診所等之外,總部設在塔霍斯公園的公司均可以使用會議中心。



1.通過在我們的科技園區中的經營,幫助其他地方的初創公司來歐洲。 在其他地區尋找合適的市場,Taguspark的常駐公司和初創公司可以擴展其業務,包括中國和葡語國家。